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Kelly Wertz

Learn to Cook Life a Pro with  4 Legs Up BBQ champ, Kelly Wertz

Kelly has been cooking competitive BBQ for almost 20 years now.  With well over 600 contests and 100’s of wins including the Jack Daniels World Invitational BBQ Championship, he has seen just about everything.  He has cooked on and won contests on, pellet grills, off-set cookers, and drum cookers so He has the experience cooking on just about anything.


Kelly has done classes all over the United States including beginner BBQ classes, backyard BBQ classes, competition BBQ classes, sausage classes, grill classes and many others.  He has a Masters degree in Ag Education and spent many years doing field and classroom education for farmers, ranchers and industry.  So, he knows how to teach and get the point across to a variety of students.

BBQ Grill Burgers
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